Supercare Labour Law Practitioners: Website Created, Maintained & Hosted by Our services include the following:   Retrenchments, Drawing up of Contracts, Code of Good Practice, Disciplinary Enquiries:- Final Warnings and Dismissals, Update on Labour Law issues, Strike Handling, CCMA Representation - Employers Only and Collective Bargaining. With its Labour Law arm, the Head Office was established in Barberton, Mpumalanga. Other offices were established in all the major cities to accomodate its clients.  Our Company holds 28 years of experience in the Labour Law field, and represents clients in all of the major Industries, such as Wholesale Retail, Motor Industry, Mines, Hospitality, Forestry, Metal Industry and various other Industries. Advise only on: Recruitment , WCA, UIF, Workplace Skills Development Plan, HR Policies and Health & Safety.